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LogoEmploying natural materials, passive and active solar concepts for heating & cooling, naturally cooled spaces, or other 'go-green' aspect that contribute to a greener and healthier lifestyle, La Loca Latvija offers you eco-friendly house solutions that include everything necessary for you to always feel good & comfortable in La Foca home.

For over 50 years La Foca produces wooden prefabricated houses/buildings by Nordic technology (swedish school), realizing projects tailored to personal need of clients, in different sizes, shapes, forms and heights, meeting EU standards for construction.

Location in Latvia grants us an opportunity to use local raw materials: pine & spruce wood of high quality, allowing our final product's price to be competitive in all Europe. Latvian geographical location makes it also easy to deliver them both by sea and land.

Manufacturing and then assembling our wooden buildings on site, we provide our services & full guarantees of the construction chain - the wood we use is FSC certificated and our company is in the process of obtaining ISO 9001 certification.

Our production develops projects at "360" degree in both Residential and Public sectors, including single- and multi-family houses, town-houses,   one- and multi-storey buildings, going for different use - educational, commercial, sport & recreation, healthcare, hospitality, tourism, industrial mixed-use developments.

La Foca Latvija qualities are:

  • Low-energy building concept
  • Eco-friendly materials: natural, anallergic, totally recyclable
  • Effective execution - rapid and cost-saving
  • Swedish construction school
  • Design using Eurocode 1, 5 & 8
  • Antiseismic building - antiseismic structure normatives application for constructions in a seismic zone
  • Custom projects execution at no additional cost
  • Experienced Latvian team of workers that costs relatively less than manpower in other EU countries.

Becoming a partner with us you benefit not only from cutting-edge product, but also from technical consultations, materials selection assistance and our partner's network that can enrich your business activity and provide you with more sales.

About Us

"LA FOCA LATVIJA" puts an individual at the centre of its core business. Its bio-construction house concept harmoniously connects all aspects: technologies, functionality, decor, urban and natural environments, in order to achieve homes that satisfy human needs in terms of health, sustainability and integration. Read more..

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