Building retrofit

Building retrofitting is the process of modifying in order to improve something in the building. Making changes to the systems inside the building or the structure itself at some point after its initial construction and occupation.

This kind of approach is studied exclusively for old buildings, both residential and public  that can't be priced and put on sale on real estate market today due to their outdated characteristics, as well as  for existing  industrial areas to be converted into urban districts.

1. Seismic retrofit

Seismic retrofitting is the modification of existing structures to make them more resistant to seismic activity (earthquakes).

Many seismic retrofit strategies [rehabilitation]  with technical methods to achieve these strategies have been developed recently introducing new seismic provisions and advanced materials for building structures (such as damping devices, advanced composite materials, building isolators and external prestressing).

2. Retrofit of existing building

Energy losses in existing building come from walls,  roof, ceiling/attic , floor and windows .

Retrofit projects are applied  both for residential houses and public buildings significantly reducing  annual heating energy needs and their costs and CO2 emissions.

Steps house/building owners can take to upgrade their existing buildings and improve their performance:

  • Improve thermal insulation,
  • reduce thermal bridges
  • Improve air tightness by plugging air leaks
  • use  good quality windows and outside doors.
  • Efficient HVAC systems

3. Green retrofit

This type of retrofit helps to improve energy efficiency technologies of the existing building.

The steps to take:

  • Retrofitting heating equipments in existing houses, which results in energy  savings of 30 – 80% due to energy use reduction and plus a  reduction of CO2-outlets by 30 – 100%
  • Put thermostats in all rooms
  • Switching to  LED lights
  • Choosing appliances with low energy consumption.
  • Reducing water use by installing tap aerators and showers with low flow
  • Choosing  green power, including solar energy and renewals such as heating-pellets and bio-gas
  • Planting native plants

4. Whole building retrofits

It’s a way to achieve “deeper” levels of energy efficiency. It’s  a “well-thought ‘ systems approach that promises higher efficiency and more saving.  Instead of pursuing a single technology improvement, Whole building retrofit brings together new energy saving technologies with expectations to upgrade living standards of the building occupants and improve the performance of the building all together.

Of course, in a new building is possible to prevent all these problems by following simple guidelines:

  • take in consideration design requirements
  • select right materials, certified , with high thermal performance
  • look at the method and construction technique
  • go for  a practical and comprehensive solution for energy saving technological systems for your building.

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