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Not only in Private sector, but also in Industrial, with the knowledge and skills of its staff, La Foca Latvija offers to its customers light industrial buildings in wood: warehouses, manufacturing buildings, industrial parks, sheds, hangars, factories, etc.
Bringing together all materials provided by a designer (structural wood, insulation & finishing materials, etc.) let a building to attain both an aesthetic look and energy-efficient characteristics.

For Industrial type buildings we propose Timber frame and Integrated Building Systems, two systems which intercross where Timber frame is used to realize a new building or to enhance an energy efficiency of the existing one.

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"LA FOCA LATVIJA" puts an individual at the centre of its core business. Its bio-construction house concept harmoniously connects all aspects: technologies, functionality, decor, urban and natural environments, in order to achieve homes that satisfy human needs in terms of health, sustainability and integration. Read more..

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