Log house

Its strength & compactness combined with excellent performance in terms of thermal & acoustic insulation, its durability & the comfort of living in it have undoubtedly facilitated a dissemination of this type of construction system, especially in countries with cold climate.

A wooden house built with Log House system has always been popular in large parts of Northern Europe as well as along the Alps looking harmoniously up with the local landscape.

The Log House system allows construction in a simple & neat way. All pieces of the house stuck to each other making the building compact & resistant.
An interlocking system of the walls makes up the structure of the house using beams carved along their perimeter with angles treated for perfect insertion. This structure is solid and completely self-supporting.

Clear assembling instructions to complete the work with all pieces rigorously numbered for their easy identification and assembling - this solution offers the opportunity to build the structure on your own.

The Log House construction system uses hardwood logs in Nordic spruce, squared & polished, with double or triple connections 'male & female' which are vertically stacked together to form a main supporting wall or an internal partition.
A wooden building with Log House system lasts for years, as it's demonstrated by many buildings existing for more than 200 years.

Main features of the Log House system

  • solid construction: acoustic insulation, high fire safety, load bearing, mass with accumulation capacity
  • one material: use of one single material and one constructive system to realize bearing walls, floors, roof and internal partitions.
  • reduced construction time: fast and dry assembling, immediately loaded
  • living comfort: the surface temperature is close to the room temperature
  • visual quality: spruce & pine can be planed, sanded  depending on the degree of finish you want to achieve
  • gaining space: gaining space thanks to the reduced thickness of the structure for eco-houses
  • prefabrication: economic construction thanks to the prefabrication of the entire building at the factory, without a need for assembling by a thrid party - a specialized company
  • antiseismic construction:  construction of elements,  "dovetail" joints of elements allow to absorb and compensate vibrations.
  • disk effect: load reduction, reinforced floor, cross-laminated structure
  • thermal insulation: excellent characteristics of accumulation and insulation protect the premises from overheating in summer
  • resistant to bad weather conditions

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