A starting point is the Architectural Design, proposed by professionals on Client commission or chosen between the range of our standard models and adjusted to specific requests.
After that, the architectural project and the choice of the external finish (thermal coating, wood or brick) have been defined, there is the realization of the structural design.
Then the project goes to the production phase;  the structure is realized directly in the factory, moving on site where it is going to be assembled.

Walls design:

  • entry of all data and parameters (height and stratigraphy) in the specific calculation software;
  • processing and optimization of the frames  about the plasterboard cuts.

Roof design:

  • entry of all parameters  (such as trusses, section of wood to use, burdens to be considered, etc.) to make a basic truss.
  • design optimization until the structural check by software certified.


  • realization of wall elements according to the executive project
  • realization of  the “assembly manual” with the processing of  2D tables for:
  • predisposition of the holes in the attic
  • positioning  of the external and internal walls
  • metal plate table with all details to secure the walls on it
  • architectural drawing of the roof with the indications regarding the trusses position
  • electrical system that will be arranged in the walls
  • all necessary tables for particular assembling cases of the frame.


  • Site inspection to  ensure the accessibility to the site for our means

Once the fundament is ready we can proceed with following steps:

  • perimeter foundation (floor diaphragm)
  • erecting  of external and internal walls on the foundation plate and  anchoring to it
  • mounting of roof trusses on structural walls
  • Anchorage of all trusses according to the standards
  • roofing lath
  • internal works upto semi-finished grade
  • external and internal walls finishing
  • roof cladding
  • floor laying and doors /windows installation

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