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A school is a place where children spend almost half of their day and that's where the protection of their health is of primary importance. Therefore a school building must be safe, environmentally friendly and comfortable.

For these reasons in the construction of buildings for educational purpose an application of green building techniques is the best solution.

Since 2001 La Foca Latvija has been realizing  wooden buildings for Public sector, and today is able to work with complex architectural projects using standards REI 30, REI 60, REI 90, REI 120, following Eurocodes 1, 5, and 8.


Among the most important developments for which La Foca Latvija produced  600 sq m of the structure is the Oncological Center in Grenoble, France -qualified as ecological, low-energy category building.

The construction, realized in a very short time, meets all specific requirements nominated by the French administration.

For La Foca it’s one of the jewels of its production, especially for the awards obtained in the region where the culture of Green Building concept has reached high levels.

Constructive and architectural modularity of La Foca Latvija projects brings to life environmentally attractive and functional structures, which perfectly fit to all types of sport & recreational buildings.

The green building techniques adopted by La Foca Latvija are also well suited for building of ambiences that have to meet safety and health criteria.

Designing and constructing touristic/hotel buildings (hotels, bungalows, touristic villages, etc.) is a financial investment intermixed with positive emotions.  
La Foca Latvija offers tailored solutions for every commercial requirement, applying quality standards and using reliable materials.

La Foca Latvija welcomes its customers to choose a solution appropriate to their commercial needs, applying quality standards, and using certified materials.


The quality of working environment is evaluated through characteristics of the place itself:  functionality & comfort of the premises, the ergonomic layout of rooms, the healthiness of the building.  


We propose & implement architectural solutions that meet your specific needs.

For Public buildings we propose the following construction technologies:

  • Timber Frame, wooden prefabricated system suitable for all types of houses, with no limits in their architecture
  • Integrated Building System for multi-storey projects where low energy wooden prefabricated wall elements integrate in concrete or steel  main structures. This building will have a reinforced skeleton and will be low on energy thanks to the characteristics of its well insulated wooden prefabricated parts (outside walls, inside walls/ partitions, floors, ceilings).
  • CLT (X-Lam) system, suitable for multi-storey structures with non linear architectural elements.

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"LA FOCA LATVIJA" puts an individual at the centre of its core business. Its bio-construction house concept harmoniously connects all aspects: technologies, functionality, decor, urban and natural environments, in order to achieve homes that satisfy human needs in terms of health, sustainability and integration. Read more..

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