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La Foca Latvija puts an individual at the center of its work. Our ecological  building system approach with customized, sustainable, cost-saving and innovative  solutions provides our customers with living conditions that satisfy individuals' needs in terms of health, comfort and economy.

Touching on sustainability there certain aspects to be considered in the sustainable building:

  • location & environmental evaluation; orientation and use of the passive energies; integrating style with the landscape or local architecture;
  • building systems;
  • eco-friendly building materials;
  • thermal comfort;
  • acoustic comfort;
  • electrical & plumbing systems;
  • energy consumption.  


Cost-saving, compatible, easy to assemble, smart & slick look, no fundament required.

'Ready to move in' modular home can be customized and delivered as a 'turn-key' .


Designing and realizing multi-storey residential buildings (apartments/apartments blocks) is a heavy financial investment. Cost and time are two important factors when it comes to any real estate development. La Foca Latvija offers smart solutions for these kind of projects: ecological and economical developments - prefabricated in wood, with a very high performance data.

For Residential buildings we propose the following construction technologies:

  • Timber Frame, wooden prefabricated system suitable for all types of houses, with no limits in their architecture
  • Log House system,  - for those who likes  traditional style.
  • Integrated Building System for multi-storey projects where low energy wooden prefabricated wall elements integrate in concrete or steel  main structures.

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"LA FOCA LATVIJA" puts an individual at the centre of its core business. Its bio-construction house concept harmoniously connects all aspects: technologies, functionality, decor, urban and natural environments, in order to achieve homes that satisfy human needs in terms of health, sustainability and integration. Read more..

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