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La Foca Latvija is a growing company, successfully operating on European market. Our buildings’ environmental credentials are proven through years.

We provide a product with excellent performance data at a reasonable price that gives market opportunity for existing businesses to differentiate and enhance their business propositions.

We’re interested in cooperation with:
 - real estate companies and property developers
 - agents with experience in real estate and construction.
 - main contractors
 - construction companies
 - architects, architectural bureaus

The constant search for new talents has become a cornerstone of this growth process.
We welcome skilled, highly motivated, initiative and creative persons. Excellent interpersonal skills and a high sense of responsibility are essential.
 Currently looking for:
 - sellers, resellers of our products.
 Potential candidates must have an experience in construction/ wooden construction sector, be in possession of an operative office.
If you are interested, let us know – call or send your CV to:
La Foca Latvija SIA
Siljekas, 1. LV- 2150 Sigulda. Latvia
Or on:

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"LA FOCA LATVIJA" puts an individual at the centre of its core business. Its bio-construction house concept harmoniously connects all aspects: technologies, functionality, decor, urban and natural environments, in order to achieve homes that satisfy human needs in terms of health, sustainability and integration. Read more..

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