The need to develop architecture specific for long-term care facilities – whether it is a nursing home or a hospital, has become greater and widespread. Future projects need rapid implementation and good management, not forgetting the fact that a medical building must provide a safe and secure environment for patients, staff and visitors. These concepts are a big part of La Foca construction, where the wooden structure is safe, earthquake-proof and above all makes it possible to integrate renewable energy technologies easily.

costruzione ospedali in legno
ospedali in legno interno
ospedale in legno frontale

Among the most important innovations La Foca has produced is the Oncological Center in Grenoble, the flower at the center of medical research throughout the southeast of France. The center is 600 square meters and qualified as ecological, in the low energy consumption building category.

The construction, realized in a very short time, meets all the specific requirements of the French administration.

For La Foca, it is one of the crown jewels of our production, especially for the awards obtained in the region where the concept and culture of Green Building have reached the highest levels. This building is HQA certified (Habitat Haute Qualitè Assessment Environnementale -– read here).