The work environment and the private sector increasingly interconnect. Everyone is looking for a workspace where they can perform with greater motivation and concentration. It is a matter of putting a person at ease making the workspace helpful and productive, without losing the feeling of being comfortable. Modern offices building projects demand a large working open-space, meeting rooms and a comfortable canteen. We at La Foca welcome new ideas to develop them into tangible building projects. We have a vast and diverse experience developing and implementing projects of varying complexity: architecture, construction, and purpose of building.


Industrial buildings and warehouses are used for different purposes, starting from industrial and food productions. The La Foca construction system allows creative design that adapts to the needs of an entrepreneur or organization with total freedom to choose architecture and structural solutions, satisfactory for the outcome of the project. In addition, it is possible to access both National and Community financing, depending on the regions and the type of end use of a building. Short and reliable construction terms drive an entrepreneur to choose La Foca for their commercial and industrial projects, which, thanks to the timber frame constructive technique, is able to optimize construction operations making them viable.