The preconstruction of La Foca houses and buildings follows precise planning of the various phases, from executingthe project to the cutting of wood, from the production of the walls to the assembly on construction site. An industrial production process has undoubted advantages, but the particularity of La Foca is in maximum design freedom for the Customer. This is why we talk about pre-construction and not prefabrication (production system with standard structural elements or modules).

The pre-construction at the La Foca plant offers extensive solutions for selection of materials and architectural choice, granting the customer long guarantees and proven and certified techniques. La Foca offers a wide range of proposals for each building component, valid for everyneed.The production process in the factory provides a guarantee of the quality and correctness of every single element produced. In addition to the company’s main characteristic La Foca scrupulously follow the ISO certification procedures, which possesses.


All the necessary studies are carried out that involve the analysis of the land, the acquisition of all the necessary authorizations and permits (you cannot escape from the regulations); the executive design of the structures, technological systems, and foundation. All exactly the same as for the masonry house. A N.B. about the foundations to bust a false myths: they are made of reinforced concrete as for houses in traditional building, because they serve as a base on which wooden walls are going to be mounted. Instead, it is necessary to specify that a wooden structure has much lower weight than a reinforced concrete or masonry; therefore the structure of the foundation itself will be lighter thanks to the reduction of loads. In the Design phase, we carry out 3 types of studies:

Each element that is going to become a part of a house is manufactured at the factory: external walls, interior walls, floors, roofs, pillars and so on. Everything is carefully assessed in the design phase and each individual part is produced according to a careful manufacturing process, which respects and meets the highest quality standards. Apart from the fact that La Foca is the first to demand its product be of the highest quality, it undergoes strict controls by the European Community, through a number of checks that include tracing the origin of the timber and the certifications of the individual materials used. The raw materials are therefore safe and strictly controlled at each production step.

Providing a preliminary site inspection for availability of TIR access for our vehicles to the site and a place for free unloading of all parts of the house. Once the fundament is ready, we can proceed with following assembling steps, which are our standard:

  • laying of perimeter diaphragm bolted to the foundation through waterproof membrane;
  • Erection of external and internal walls and their anchorage to the foundation;
  • Assembling of floors;
  • Installation of roof trusses and their anchorage to the structure strictly according to the executive project;
  • Roof lathing;
  • Covering of eaves and gutter system assembling;
  • Internal grey works.