Type of work – new construction of public school building.

Constructive system – Timber frame

Total surface of – 680 m2

This new school complex built on the site of the ruins of a school, destroyed during the earthquake in May 2012. Our experience of participation in past public tenders on territories affected by earthquake in Italy (Irpinia, Umbria-Marche, Molise, Abruzzi) demonstrated our capacity and high professionalism in development and implementation of anti-seismic projects focusing on safety of the structure consequently providing securing of anyone in it. Inauguration of the school was in February 2013, welcoming 120 children divided into 7 sections.

Built in short time, only three months of construction, special and unique school, thanks to its enormous environmental sustainability, energy saving, no gray cement, which actually was used only for the base and not in other parts of the building. For the San Carlo school we used timber frame structure with thermal coefficient U = 0.15 Wm2K and the fire resistance class REI60, certified for public buildings and complying with current local regulations (NTC2008 and Eurocode 1, 5, 8).
Thanks to the use of highly insulating materials (hypoallergenic and eco-friendly) and integration with latest technologies (radiant floor heating and heat pump production), the building has very low energy consumption, and is certified as class A energy building (EPtot= 6,6 KWh/mca) at the national level.

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