Type of work – new construction of public school building.

Constructive system – Timber frame.

Nursery school in Vinovo: zero impact school

The building in question is the nursery school in Vinovo; zero impact school with a lot of wood construction, thermal glass. This project was realized thanks a particular financial formula for construction – the real estate leasing in construction.

Inauguration of the school was in November 2010, a structure of 3,000 square meters, which elcomes 290 children divided into seven sections, managed by 14 teachers and 3 support teachers.

Built in a short time, only one year of construction, a very special and unique school, thanks to its enormous environmental sustainability, energy saving, no gray cement, which actually was used only for the base and not in other parts of the building.

The school is located in urban area, and powered only by renewable energy, photovoltaic panels that can cover one third of the energy needed for the entire school; the total savings is 90%. The heating system is geothermal that gives heat through anunderground aquifer that reaches the surface through coils inserted in the floor of the building, the building alls in their turn enclose the heat and release it to internal environment. Sanitary water is warm thanks to employment of solar panels.

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