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Residence Calypso, Municipality of Paradiso (Switzerland), 2017.

Type of work – Extension and elevation of apartments block building.

Constructive system – Timber frame and IBS.

Construction project to expand and elevate a hotel building structure dating back to the early 60s. The building works were commissioned by a traditional building company on the condition that it would not unduly stress the existing structure.

La Foca were able to give a practical and economic solution to the problem, using the Integrated Building System (IBS) in the extension of seven floors of the building (120 square meters per each floor) with a Timber Frame to build an extra two floors (for 1010 square meters in total). The flat roof was designed to become a pedestrian terrace, with a capacity of 850 kg / sqm. (snow load, permanent loads, accidental loads).

The assembly works were completed in 3 weeks for the extension operation and 5 weeks for the part which required the elevation of floors.