La Foca manufactures wooden buildings with high energy performance in the public and administrative sectors for all types and uses. Over the years, we have created multi-purpose centers, congresses, collective rooms, schools, buildings for worship, restaurants, and hotels.

The advantages of a green building also allow the public environment to create welcoming and comfortable spaces, greatly reducing the quantity of production and production time of the work. If properly designed, acquiring high-performance energy classes can occur while guaranteeing savings in management and maintenance costs.

La Foca boasts considerable experience in the direct and consortium management of large-scale projects and tenders, guaranteeing both high quality and performance standards, both in the design phase and in the building assembly.


The many advantages of creating a wooden building with La Foca:

  1. Rapid construction;
  2. Custom design solutions to satisfy even the most complex needs;
  3. Pre-built structures realized with biocompatible materials and certified wood;
  4. Live or work in a low-energy building with low operating costs;
  5. Anti-seismic safety for high-tech wooden buildings;
  6. Guarantee of certification at desired energy performance levels.


A school is a place where children spend almost half of their day and the protection of their health is paramount.
Therefore, a school building must be a safe, welcoming, and comfortable environment.
For these reasons, in the construction of buildings for educational purposes, the application of green building techniques is the best solution.

Since 2001, La Foca has been constructing wooden structures for the public sector, and today is able to work with complex architectural projects using REI 30, REI 60, REI 90, and REI 120 standards (hereinafter Eurocodes 1, 5, and 8).

The need to develop architecture specific for long-term care facilities – whether it is a nursing home or a hospital, has become greater and widespread. Future projects need rapid implementation and good management, not forgetting the fact that a medical building must provide a safe and secure environment for patients, staff and visitors.

These concepts are a big part of La Foca construction, where the wooden structure is safe, earthquake-proof and above all makes it possible to integrate renewable energy technologies easily.

The constructive and architectural modularity of La Foca projects bring to life intriguing ecological and functional structures. These adapt perfectly to all types of sports and recreational buildings.

The green building techniques adopted by La Foca are also well suited for the construction of environments that must meet all safety and health criteria.

La Foca offers tailor-made solutions for every commercial need, always applying quality standards and the use of reliable materials.

People, making their choice whether in favor of a restaurant or a place for a vacation, are guided by the quality and eco-friendliness of the premises and, by doing our job, we make our contribution ensuring that everybody feels at home and they wish to return to a pleasant and welcoming environment.

The quality of the work environment is assessed through the characteristics of the place itself: The functionality and comfort of the rooms, the ergonomic layout of rooms, and the salubriousness of the building. Everyone is looking for a workspace where they can perform with greater motivation and concentration.

It is a matter of putting a person at ease and make the workspace helpful and productive. Modern office building projects demand a large working open-space, meeting rooms and a comfortable canteen. We at La Foca welcome new ideas to develop tangible building projects thanks to our vast and diverse experience in projects of varying complexity: architecture, construction, and purpose of building.