La Foca manufactures any type of high-energy performance wooden buildings intended for public and administrative sectors. Over the years, we have realized multi-purpose centers, congress halls, schools, restaurants, hotels.

Advantages of eco-friendly building allow creating welcoming and comfortable public spaces, reducing the production and assembling time significantly. Properly designed projects acquire high-performance energy classes guaranteeing good management and low maintenance costs.

The benefits of constructing a wooden building with La Foca:
• Rapid execution;
• Custom design solutions, satisfying the most complex needs;
• Pre-built buildings realized with biocompatible materials and certified wood;
• Live or work in low-energy premises with low running costs;
• Anti-seismic safety for high-tech wooden buildings;
• Guarantee of certification of the desired energy performance levels.

A school is a place where children spend almost half of their day and that’s where the protection of their health is of primary importance. Therefore, a school building must be safe, environmentally friendly and comfortable. For these reasons applying Green building techniques to the construction of buildings for educational purposes, is the best solution. Wooden structure is safe, anti-seismic and above allmakes it possible to integrate renewable energy technologies easily. Our vast experience comprises of many completed school building projects, including those built, during post-earthquake reconstructions, starting from the earthquake event in Umbria-Marche region of Italy in 1997.

The need to evelop architecture specific for long-term care facilities – whether it is a nursing home or a hospital, has become greater and widespread. Future projects need rapid implementation and good management, not forgetting the fact that a medical building must provide a safe and secure environment for patients, staff and visitors. These concepts are a big part of La Foca construction, where the wooden structure is safe, earthquake-proof and above all makes it possible to integrate renewable energy technologies easily.

More and more sports facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, riding stables etc. are made of wood. The advantages of choosing a wooden structure are technical and aesthetic, for example, you can set big lights between the pillars, thanks to the use of trusses or glulam beams.

The demand for the construction of hotels, touristic villages and restaurants in wood is increasing both from our customers (investors, businesspersons in hotel and restaurant sector) who appreciate our organization and efficiency, and from holidaymakers and restaurant guests. People, making their choice whether in favor of a restaurant or a place for a vacation, are guided by the quality and eco-friendliness of the premises and, by doing our job, we make our contribution ensuring that everybody feels at home and they wish to return to a pleasant and welcoming environment.

Short and reliable construction terms drive an entrepreneur to choose La Foca, which, thanks to the timber frame constructive technique, is able to optimize construction operations making them viable.

The work environment and the private sector increasingly interconnect. Everyone is looking for a workspace where they can perform with greater motivation and concentration. It is a matter of putting a person at ease making the workspace helpful and productive, without losing the feeling of being comfortable. Modern offices building projects demand a large working open-space, meeting rooms and a comfortable canteen. We at La Foca welcome new ideas to develop them into tangible building projects. We have a vast and diverse experience developing and implementing projects of varying complexity: architecture, construction, and purpose of building.