A Contemporary wooden prefabricated house is a great solution to build energy efficient habitation it also offers significant economic benefits. Its construction is rapid because a large part of the build happens off-site at a manufacturing plant and does not require a convenient time or season to start the work. Wooden prefab houses can be quickly assembled any time of the year.

Thanks to the materials used, wooden prefab panels stabilize indoor air humidity and temperature creating a pleasant microclimate. Natural insulating materials reduce heat dispersion; they have remarkable sound-absorbing capacities allowing excellent sound insulation inside the building.

Use of natural materials and correct installation of thermal systems, solar panels, etc. help bring household consumption to the minimum.

We at La Foca have achieved excellent results in our work, after many years of experience, working in different climates, in many countries each with their own construction and architectural specificities.

We design and produce houses for our customers working closely with them, consulting and assisting in choosing the most appropriate and beneficial solutions for their home, so they can live in a healthy and comfortable space, with respect to nature and make great savings at the same time.