It is a construction system that is used to build multi-storey wooden houses, that is, to build buildings with a wooden load-bearing structure. This structure is made up of solid wood panels in crossed layers glued together or held together by wood screws (dry).

Together they form the backbone of the building and will obviously then be clad both internally and externally. At least 3 layers of wood are needed to compose a panel, whose thickness and dimensions vary according to the geometric and functional characteristics of the building to be built. Naturally derived insulating materials are then added. This system can be used to construct both walls and floors of buildings that can be composed of more than 4 floors.

To maintain the naturalness of the wood, the glues used for gluing the panels are free of formaldehyde and other dangerous chemicals. The panels can be cut into different shapes and sizes, based on the architectural design of the building to be built. As is always the case in the building world, it will be necessary to verify the needs and structural possibilities of the context in the design phase, on which the dimensions and thickness of the panels will depend upon completion, following the construction phases.


The main construction technique for wooden buildings is known as the X-Lam system; is a solid cross-layered panel system. We can develop the technique of using the X-LAM in 3 phases:

  • SELECTION OF WOOD: : laminated wood is usually used, as it is an excellent material for processing. After that the wood will be monitored by a machine that has the task of automatically identifying the nodes and sections that do not comply with the classification standard for C24.
  • ASSEMBLY: this phase involves the arrangement by hand to form crossed layers of the thickness required by the project. After having arranged each layer of boards, a layer of polyurethane glue is spread, after which it is inserted into the press.
  • CUTTING: after completing the pressing cycle at controlled temperature and pressure, the raw panel is now ready for cutting. The cutting center is a particularly powerful and advanced machine, has an enormous horizontal support surface and can process panels with a thickness greater than 30 cm.

A building constructed with X-LAM panels has a seismic behavior like that of a box-like structure with floor diaphragms and walls connected by mechanical elements. In this case the walls have the task of absorbing both vertical and horizontal stresses and the connection between the wooden structure and the reinforced concrete foundations is ensured by means of suitable plates and threaded steel bars or pressure anchors.



The intersection between the various layers allows to reduce the deformations of the wood due to the elements that affect the material the most, such as humidity or temperature. The overlapping therefore reduces expansion and contraction, which however remain at minimum levels. Thanks to the speed and precision of assembly; there are no elements that can complicate the planning of the final product, and this is perhaps one of the greatest advantages in choosing the X-lam construction technology.

Furthermore, there are countless advantages:

  • REDUCTION OF CONSTRUCTION TIMES: Many wooden construction systems, such as Platform Frame, the walls in the workplace, arrive already pre-assembled in order to reduce time on site.
  • FIRE RESISTANT: Contrary to popular belief, wood is fire resistant and has a low heat conduction capacity. In the event of a fire, the burning part is only the outermost part, carbonization occurs more slowly than in common masonry constructions.
  • ANTI-SEISMIC: Wood is a flexible material, which is why it is an anti-seismic material. The wooden house will sway and be able to withstand the stresses of the ground.
  • RESISTANCE OVER TIME: Also in this case it will be necessary to demystify a prejudice. Wooden houses have resistance and durability over time, without requiring special maintenance interventions. Modern technologies and treatments applied to wood make it an extremely durable material over time.

Our customers choose us with a view to energy saving and also respect for the environment. In this sense, X-lam wooden houses represent a truly winning solution, thanks to excellent thermal inertia and air tightness.