Tas ir vēl viens prakstisks un ekoloģisks risinājums, ko mēs piedāvājam jaunu objektu realizācijai.
Integrētā Būvniecības sistēma ir inovatīva dabai draudzīga pieeja tradicionālo metāla/betona/REP konstrukciju būvniecībā, kur nesošo sienu elementi tiek izmantoti konstrukcijas noslēgšanai un nenesošajām sienām, griestiem, grīdām un bēniņiem. Šo konceptu pielieto projektos, īpaši daudzstāvu projektos ar izturīgu karkasu un augstu energoefektivitāti.
The IBS technology is perfect solution to upgrade the energy efficiency of existing buildings. There is a strategic need for the energy consumption reduction on a European scale, defined as a priority in the lines of actions for achieving the objectives of reducing emissions and saving energy.

Since wood is a light material, each element is easily transported and handled on site. Moreover, the assembly, carried out entirely in a dry way using mechanical connections with steel plates, screws, nails, and bolts, is impressively fast.

In addition, the absence of water and inert materials on site allows us to keep the work environment clean and tidy, and enables better organization through various processing phases. In terms of work safety, the shorter construction time cut the possibility of accidents.

In terms of sustainability, wood is a renewable and recyclable material. It consumes little energy in the production and assembling phases, does not release emissions, powders, or harmful fibers during processing, and can be disposed of without polluting, returning the accumulated energy if it is used for a waste-to-energy process.
On the energy-saving front, wood is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator by nature. In addition, the use of natural or biocompatible materials for the insulation package of a house panel leads to improved breathability. Wood structures have excellent resistance to seismic action and predictable fire behavior. However, attention must be paid to the degradation of wood. Though it’s sufficient to choose suitable wood durability classes, such as wood C24 (with structural wood certification) used by La Foca which makes it a durable material over time to all effects.


  • Nav periodu, kad nevar strādāt (sala dēļ) ar so sitēmu, jo tā ir sausa struktūra
  • Tīra ražošna – bez putekļiem
  • Nav būvgružu
  • Termālo tiltu neesamība
  • Samazinātas būvniecības izmaksas, ja tiek veidota piebūve uz augšu
  • Nav skaņas piesārņojums
  • Ekoloģisks un hipoalerģisks process
  • Augsta energoefektivitāte jaunām ēkām un esošo ēku pārbūvei
  • Zema ietekme uz vidi


We pre-construct wooden insulated panels with precise planning of the various phases, from the executive project to the woodcutting, from the production of the walls to the final assembly on the building site. The pre-construction at the La Foca plant offers extensive solutions for the choice of materials and architecture, giving the customer long guarantees in the face of proven and certified techniques. The production process in the factory offers ample guarantee of the correctness and quality of each individual product element, in addition to the company decision to scrupulously follow ISO certification procedures.


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