Timber Frame System

The design and construction of the houses with timber frame technology   o "bearing structure in rigid frame" have their origin starting from 1400s  and spread in Central and Northern Europe, from Alps to Scandinavia, from France to Russia.  

With the Timber Frame system is possible to realize any type of buildings, incl. multi-storeys upto 5 floors, elevations, expansions. A system of bracing of the frame is frequently used to provide an additional rigidity, especially against horizontal forces (such as a wind force or any seismic activity).
All of this in a short time and with a high degree of pre-fabrication at our factory, as our numerous international interventions demonstrate.

wall fragment internal partition fragment floor fragment

Timber Frame benefits:

  • energy efficiency
  • In modern buildings we apply wooden structural insulated panels that show excellent performance data with very low thermal transmittance coefficient (U= 0,17 – 0,13 W/m2K),reducing house-hold costs for house owners and significantly elevating environmental quality of living spaces.
  • dimensional stability
  • qualities of rigidity

These two aspects are very important when it comes to building in  seismic zones  - timber frame is suitable for seismic resistant construction, allowing the realization of any kinds of buildings in these particular zones, even  multi-storeys;

  • design flexibility – every design can be easy customized, optimizing every single m2 of a house
  • dry structure -  fast assembling on site regardless of weather conditions;
  • retrofit of any kind – an environmentally friendly approach to  modifications/changes you would like to make after some time of occupation don’t require heavy demolition works, time consuming construction and relocation of occupants  – wall/floor/ceiling/roof elements can be easy replaced.

Depending on Energy Class (Class A, A+, Passive) o technical specifications (REI 30, 60, 90) to be reached, various types of walls compositions are applied.

A regulatory basis for a calculation of the structural elements is provided by the European standards (Eurocode 1, 5, 8) with its application documents.
Depending on where the construction of a building in question is carried out, we use, in addition to Eurocodes, national legislations of reference.

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